Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the world’s most popular social network with a billion users, where most of internet users are available. If your brand is not available on Facebook, then you are missing a large amount of potential customers. We help you With Facebook Paid Ads, you can target users from a particular country, state and city. Choose the target gender, age range and type of users according to their interest. Even you can target users by type of mobile phone users like iPhone Users, Samsung phone users etc.

Types of Promotion on Facebook

  • Advertising & Promotion on Facebook
  • Boost your post on facebook
  • Connect with people or Generate Likes on your Facebook Page
  • Promote your website to get clicks/visitors
  • Multi-Product Ads (Carousel Ads)
  • Offer Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Lead Ads

What Makes Facebook Marketing Stand Out?

What makes it different than any other platform is the fact that Facebook has archived enormous amounts of information about its innumerable users. It makes it possible to advertise among your niche markets based on specific social and geographical requirements.

The users have voluntarily provided Facebook with their age, sex, location, job functions, as well as their wide range of interests, making it possible to develop an advertising campaign to suit.

  • Facebook is too large to ignore with its staggering 1.86 billion active monthly users.
  • It adds around 500,000 users every day; 6 new profiles every second, which makes it a huge market of targeted users.

Simply put, Facebook has redefined targeting.

We track, optimize, analyze and report

We conduct deep analysis and deploy numerous targeting options optimizing and investing in campaigns that yield the best results and drive your business.

Once we have driven your fans to your page, we ensure that they stay engaged. Solid sales cycles require thorough relationship building and we do this through:

  • Posting at the right time (No, it’s not what you think)
  • Asking questions
  • Getting involved in conversations
  • Frequently posting rich content
  • Organizing contests

Facebook Ads Allow You to Do

  • Drive Online Sales
  • Increase Local Sales
  • Promote Your App
  • Raise Brand Awareness
  • Generate leads

1. We Develop Your Facebook Page

Not just Facebook pages, we create unique profiles for brands. We offer off the shelf, custom designs to our clients helping them design and maintain a page exactly as per their requirements.

2. We Target Your Audience

Finding and targeting the right audience can be particularly daunting to those not well-versed with Facebook advertising.

We help you reach the right people, every day, getting more and more traffic to your website based on Facebook’s demographic and segmentation tools.

With Brandsmartini, identifying the buyer persona and targeting them becomes a breeze.

3. We Devise Strategies

Simply because you cannot function without a coordinated plan, we ensure that your efforts do not feel sporadic. You know your customers and we know Facebook. And we treat it accordingly.

4. We Create Your Facebook Ads

We design engaging, creative ads based on your advertising objectives, allocating your resources across the most responsive audiences and taking the business right to the customers.